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Guest Book

Please sign our guest book. Feel free to make positive or negative comments about the band or the web site, we appreciate honest criticism. We will not post your Email address on our web site, but we will send you emails about up and coming shows.

Email address:

Jesse 21 
Hell yeah the first one to sign the deprive guest book. that's probably only because I made the site
Renee 19
You guys rock! I wanna have your babies.
Mr. Willy Wanka
hey I saw my favorite little oompa in action the other day. I didn't know they could move like that. Keep up the good work you guys rock!
this site rocks! who hoo!
hey world wide web, look its a web site for deprive! who hoo!
cool! they finally have one! who hoo!
Mike 21
Latex trojans kids! dont slip up. oh and  rock on.

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